Information About Higher Education Field Ed


The Higher Education Field Education track is designed specifically for those planning a career in undergraduate or graduate academic instruction.  Higher-Ed Field-Ed is taken in tandem with SF 620:  Teaching the Bible for Transformation. The mentoring takes place in a small group. Topics include: designing an entire course, developing a syllabus, Ph.D. programs, developing your vitae, grading, reflective judgment, adult learning models, etc. The group will visit classes at Nyack College and may have opportunities to shadow a professor.


  • Very focused Field Ed which is related to teaching.
  • Helps to develop a realistic plan for pursuing a career in higher education.

Possible Weaknesses:

  • Higher-Ed focus may be too narrow.
  • Intern & Mentor may not be able to cover all topics related to Higher Ed.

Keep In Mind:

  • Actual opportunities to teach cannot be guaranteed.
Intern’s Paperwork (Downloads)

As you prepare to begin your Field Ed experience at ATS, note that you must do two (2) things:

  1. Make an appointment with Louis Carlo to have your Internship approved.
  2. Then, complete the Field Ed Contract after thoughtful prayer and discussion with your Mentor.
  3. In addition, complete the Higher-Ed Field Ed Contract with Dr. Jan Dale.

The Field Ed Contract and Higher-Ed Contract should be submitted (via email or mail) as soon as possible, and preferably prior to the start of the 1st semester of the Internship experience.

The Field Ed Contract template, guidelines about completing the Contract with your Mentor, and the Higher-Ed Contract may be downloaded from the following links:


 Field Ed Contract

 Guidelines for Field Ed Contract

 Higher Ed Contract