Rockland Campus Admissions Counselors (Click to Send Message)

Dan Bailey
Director and International Students
Margie Jennings
Counselor for Ohio and Pennsylvania
Joel Fevig
Counselor for New Jersey
Yee Yang
Counselor for Nursing Students
Andrea Cuevas
Counselor for Local NY Counties and Long Island
Mitchell Woodford
Counselor for New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn)
Rachel Borden
Counselor for South, West, Midwest, New England and Florida

NYC Campus Admissions Counselors (Click to Send Message)

Andres Valenzuela
Director and International Students
Tryphena Ramcharitar
Counselor for Queens and Long Island
Freddy Hernandez
Counselor for Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey
Beverly Cook
Counselor for Brooklyn, Upstate NY, and Out of State
Barbara Pierce
Re-Enrollment Specialist