Recent English Department Events

Spring 2017, Drama Production, April 2017

Under the direction of Dr. Kevin Pinkham, the Nyack College drama troupe conquered the accents and humor of Oscar Wilde’s late Victorian play The Importance of Being Earnest with great costuming and solid acting. 

Spring 2017, Publication of The Fine Print, April 2017

Copies of the latest edition of the student-produced literary magazine are available. 

Spring 2017, Lecture by Dr. Steve Florczyk, April 19, 2017

Presenting highlights from his recently published book Ernest Hemingway The Red Cross, and the Great War Dr. Florczyk offered a corrective view of young Hemingway’s experience on the Italian Front as a member of the Red Cross. Dr. Florczyk, an instructor at Longwood University in Virginia, provided useful maps, photos, and commentary to undergird his informative lecture.