Relationship Consultation


Emotional wellness is often depleted amid painful and persistent relational stress. Unresolved issues in relationships may fuel emotional despair, depression and distraction from our full potential as servants of Christ.  In view of this common reality, the Graduate Marriage and Family Therapy Department (MFT) of Nyack College is offering free consultation meetings with Nyack College/ATS faculty.  

Someone once said, "If you want to know water, do not ask the fish...rather ask the frog, who has a counter-perspective of both water and land."  At times in our lives we all may need an objective "frog-person" to help us see abit more clearly.  If you would like a consultation regarding family issues, parenting issues, couple issues (spiritual, emotional & sexual intimacy) or general relational concerns (conflict avoidance, anger management, etc.) then consider this invitation for an encouraging, confidential chat with one of our MFT faculty. 

If interested, please contact the MFT Dept. Chair - Andy Mercurio at 845-770-5739 or email him at