Creative Arts


“The Holy Spirit speaks many languages; among them the languages of art in all its forms.” 
Frank Tracy Griswold

The Creative Arts ministry exists to bring students into experiencing the kingdom of God through the arts. When God spoke in Scripture, He more often than not spoke through poetry, drama, narrative or some form of art. The same is true today. The arts are divinely empowered tools given to us by God to tear down the enemy's strongholds and to open portals to experience Heaven on Earth.  

If you are a creative—a dancer, writer, painter, rapper, poet, singer, actor, stepper etc.—and are passionate about using your art to bring people into a greater dimension of worship, then the Creative Arts ministry is the place for you.

Emmanuel Jean-Pierre graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a degree in Biology. His intentions were to pursue research in genetic engineering, but God had different plans. He received his Masters of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary in 2016, teaches an Introduction to Spiritual Formation course, and is the Creative Arts Coordinator for Nyack College. When he’s not ministering, he enjoys writing novels and doing parkour. If you wish to speak with Emmanuel about Creative Arts, you can contact him at or you can reach him at ext. 4456.