Welcome to the Department of Computer Science


It is an exciting time for computer scientists!  The 21st century is shaped by both information technologies and computer software that are integral assets in virtually all fields of today’s society.

The Computer Science Program at Nyack College recognizes the tremendous career opportunities that lie within the discipline for students who are technically savvy, limitless in mind, never afraid to challenge what is deemed by the masses as “impossible,” and bold enough to interface both niche and state-of-the-art technology.  Simply put, this program is designed for those with a vision to be the innovative leaders of the future.  If this sounds like a program for you, join, study, and grow with us.

The Computer Science major at Nyack College is creatively designed to provide a unique learning experience for students who have an interest in becoming accomplished professionals and leaders in technology related fields, particularly focusing in the areas of Information Technology and Web Science, Cyber Security, and Computer Animation and Game Design.

Major Field Component

CSC 101 – Introduction to Computer Science

CSC 112 – Introduction to Programming I

CSC 201 – Introduction to Programming II

CSC 210 – Hardware Organization

CSC 242 – Webpage Design

CSC 311 – Data Structures and Algorithms

CSC 312 – Database Concepts

CSC 345 – Advanced Programming

CSC 411 – Software Engineering

CSC 441 – Data Communication and Networks

CSC 442 – Operating Systems

CSC 470 – Senior Seminar