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 Spring 2011

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Save the Date!

Commencement ceremony (Washington, DC)

Saturday, June 25, 2011, 10:00 am

Temple of Praise

700 Southern Avenue

Washington, DC

For more information, visit


Nyack College Golf Classic

September 15, 2011

Crystal Springs Resort, Hamburg, NJ

For more information or to register, visit

or contact Earl Miller at 845.675.4791 or


Infusion: Fresh Perspective for the Woman's Journey

Saturday, October 1, 2011

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Bowman Gymnasium, Nyack College

1 South Boulevard

Nyack, NY

This second annual event for women will be held on Nyack's beautiful Hudson Valley campus. Come be encouraged, uplifted, and energized through an encounter with God, self, and others. Visit for developing details.


Rockland's Homecoming Weekend

October 14-16, 2011


More details to come.

Dr. Michael G. Scales

The faculty and staff at Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary is made up of such a distinguished group of men and women, which is how we arrived at the name of our publication, Class Act.  Your collective career accomplishments are astounding. Yet what really sets you apart is the compassionate caring you show for the young men and women on all of our campuses. It's the sentiment our students repeatedly shared with the last Middle States site visit team, which earned the institution a special commendation in addition to the renewal of our accreditation.


I'm so honored to serve with you!




Michael G. Scales, Ed.D.



Retirement Farewell from Dr. Louise McCreery, 

Professor of English

Dr. Louise McCreery

What brought you to Nyack College? 

A little less than seventeen years ago, my mother went home to heaven. She had contracted Parkinson's disease, and I had been her caregiver for about thirteen years. After she was gone, I realized I needed a job. I signed up with Wheaton College's Christian College Referral Service and Nyack College and another college were interested in me. My uncle and aunt, missionaries to Ethiopia, had worked alongside a number of Christian & Missionary Alliance folks in Africa for years and said that they were wonderful Christians. This encouraged me to fill out an application for teaching here at Nyack. Also, Dr. Turk had sent me an extremely fine letter along with a catalogue of the school, and later we had an interview via the telephone. I came for a personal interview and soon afterwards was offered a contract. I felt quite sure that this was God's will. I have just finished my sixteenth year of teaching here.


What I will miss most about Nyack

When I leave here, I am sure that I will miss the great Christian fellowship I have had with the faculty, staff, and students. God has graciously given me a number of really valuable relationships and I shall cherish these friends as long as I am here on earth. Also, I am already starting to lament my not being able to easily hear the beautiful concerts put on by the College's School of Music which have been a joy to me.


My fondest memory of Nyack

Some of my fondest memories are seeing students change for the better as well as learn about literature and writing, spending time with my pals, playing flute duets with Dr. Herseth-Kenote, playing my flute in church services, and hearing a hymn I wrote sung by Anne Jackson, accompanied by Johnny Walsh, in a fine arts chapel in the gym a couple of years ago.


My plans for the future

In the future I hope to develop more musically, write more flute arrangements, and more hymns. Also, there are many books I look forward to reading and I will probably try to write academic articles, in particular, at least one about T. S. Eliot's work.


I thank the Lord for His having me here for the last sixteen years; teaching here has been challenging, rewarding, and always interesting. I trust that it has pleased the Lord.


Dr. Sandra Louise McCreery


Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr.

Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr.

Dr. Arzola's book, Exploring Worship: Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox Perspectives, was recently published. Wipf and Stock Publishers says, "Exploring Worship engages in a comparative study of Catholic, Evangelical, and Orthodox teachings on corporate worship and suggests classic practices that help deepen the understanding and experience of worship. Exploring Worship provides an examination of worship rooted in the rich history and traditions of the Church. Pedagogically, this will suggest practices that help deepen the understanding and experience of worship." For more information, click here.


Dr. Vilma Balmaceda

Dr. Vilma Balmaceda

Dr. Balmaceda and four Christian professors of political science received confirmation that their panel on "The Politics of Memory and Reconciliation" has been accepted by the American Political Science Association (APSA) and will be presented at the annual conference in September 2011. The APSA panel includes the following professors and topics: Dr. Vilma (Nina) Balmaceda, Nyack College on the topic of "The Politics of Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation in Latin America;" Dr. Kevin Cooney, Northwest University on "Securitization of the Northwest Passage;" Dr. Loramy (Mimi) Gerstbauer, Gustavus Adolphus College on "The Humbled Power: US Foreign Policy and Possibilities of Contrition;" Dr. Mari Ishibashi, Randolph College on "Contested Memory in Japan: The 2007 Textbook Controversy over the Battle of Okinawa;" and Dr. Scott Walkes, Malone University on "Reconciliation as Middle Way: Jews, Christians, Muslims, and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict."


Professor Linda Hope

Prof. Hope published Break It Down: Developmental Math - Nyack College Edition. The first in a series of educational products and workshops, this hybrid textbook was custom designed in consultation with Dr. In Hak Moon, associate professor and department chair of mathematics. By tailoring its content and teaching methodologies, developmental math students will be better poised for success in Nyack's College Mathematics course. An edition for mass distribution is planned for release later this year. Work is also underway for train-the-trainer workshops and titles geared towards the unique needs of other colleges.


Dr. Mayra Lopez-Humphreys

Dr. Mayra Lopez-Humphreys

Dr. Lopez-Humphreys completed her doctoral studies at The CUNY Graduate Center, Social Welfare program. She successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Intergroup Dialogue: An Evaluation of a Pedagogical Model for Teaching Cultural Competence within a Framework of Social Justice in Social Work Programs." Dr. Lopez-Humphreys co-presented at the Society for Social Work Research (SSWR) on the role of sex in perceptions of discrimination among Dominican immigrant women. She also led the development and implementation of a Community Sustainable Kitchen (CSK) which offers affordable, healthy, locally grown meals, while also facilitating the social benefits of preparing and sharing group meals. 


Dr. James Romaine

Dr. James Romaine

Dr. James Romaine's recently released book critically examines the work of one of the most provocative contemporary visual artists of faith. The Art of Guy Chase, published by Square Halo Book, explores the visual, conceptual, and spiritual complexities between humor and sobriety, contemplation and irony, material tactility, and sacred meaning. For more information on the book, click here.




Dr. Jacqueline Washington

Dr. Jacqueline Washington Dr. Washington co-edited the 9th edition of the Student Interactive Workbook for Starr/McMillan's Human Biology published by Cengage Publishing. In addition to being elected to the editorial board of the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) as a reviewer, Dr. Washington has also been selected to participate in the 2011-2012 Biology Scholars Program Transitions Residency. As a participant, she will attend the Transitions Institute "From Science Education Research to Publication" at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) headquarters office in Washington, DC. For more information on the American Society for Microbiology, visit


What else is happening at the College of Arts and Sciences?

For more exciting news from the College of Arts and Sciences, view their complete blog at


Dr. Leonard Kageler

Dr. Leonard Kageler

Dr. Kageler's eighth book, The Volunteer's Field Guide to Youth Ministry, was released by Group Publisher this past February. He attended the gathering of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry in Pretoria, South Africa, where he presented a plenary paper with Dr. Amy Jacobs of Baylor University entitled "Feminist Identity and the Female Religious Youth Worker: A Cross National Analysis."




Dr. Dongsu Kim

Dr. Kim presented a paper, "A Critique of the New Perspective in Light of Paul's Pneumatology," at Nyack's Scholars Symposium, New York, NY. Another paper was also published in Calvin Theological Journal.


Dr. Steven Notley

Dr. Steven Notley

Dr. Notley submitted the following abstract for a paper to the annual national conference of the Society of Biblical Literature, where there will be a three part session on Dura Europos this coming fall.


Recent Advances in Technology and the Dura Europos Synagogue Paintings

Eighty years after the Franco-American archaeological excavations of Dura Europos in Syria (1928-32), the images unearthed from the Christian Baptistery and the Jewish synagogue still represent some of the earliest known examples of biblical iconography. After their initial publication and analysis (Rostovzeff, Kraeling, Sukenik, Wischnitzer), the paintings have been the subject of extensive scientific scrutiny regarding the Durene and Syrian Desert context (e.g. Dirven), their relationship to nascent Christian iconography (e.g. Weitzmann and Kessler) and their role within Jewish communal life and biblical interpretation (e.g. Gutmann, Wharton, Fine). Yet, detailed study of the paintings is still challenged by the quality of images available for investigation by scholars, who still rely upon images prepared by the excavators and another set commissioned by  E. R. Goodenough in the 1950's.


Recent developments in Reflectance Transmission Imaging (RTI), particularly in a mode called Specular Enhancement allow surface textures to be boosted so that they are highly reflective. This works well for analyzing surface details of various types of painted surfaces. An initiative is scheduled this summer under the auspices of the University of Southern California and Nyack College, New York to obtain computer enhanced images of the synagogue wall paintings at the National Museum in Damascus using RTI technology. This presentation will be the first public display of the synagogue images with a discussion of the technology and how its results assist us to better understand the process and composition of these important works of religious art.


For more information on Dura Europos, and to see the special exhibition currently at Boston College, click here.


Dr. Dion Harrigan

Dr. Dion Harrigan

Dr. Harrigan appeared on a TV program, Brooklyn 45, which aired in February. The segment focused on how parents and educators work with their kids to prepare them to be successful in and outside of the classroom, and to meet goals they've set for their future.





Dr. Marie White

Dr. White presented a paper at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in New Orleans. Her paper entitled "Barry J. Zimmerman: An Expert Mentor through Cyclical Phases of Self-Regulatory Feedback" was part of a symposium honoring Dr. Barry Zimmerman. As a result of this presentation, Dr. White was invited to co-author a chapter in the forthcoming book, Application of Self-Regulated Learning across Diverse Disciplines: A Tribute to Barry J. Zimmerman, to be published by Information Age Publishing, Inc.


Dr. White's paper entitled "Predicting Success in Teacher Certification Testing: The Role of Academic Help-Seeking" was recently published in the International Journal of Educational and Psychological Assessment. This paper has been solicited for presentation at the International Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation (ICEME) in the Philippines in August 2012 as part of a symposium on "Assessment of learning: Developing Self-Regulated Learners."


Dr. Sue Talley

Dr. Sue Talley

Dr. Talley contributed an article, "Time for the Exchange of Gifts: Sharing with the Poor in Developing Countries," published in 2010 by Theotokos Press in Philanthropy and Social Compassion in Eastern Orthodox Tradition, edited by MJ Pereira.


Dr. Elizabeth Simon

Dr. Elizabeth Simon

Dr. Simon presented a paper at the 8th Annual Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association, Inc. Conference (AAPINA) held in Houston, TX on March 25-26 entitled "Do Internships Influence NCLEX-RN?" She also presented two posters: Post-Masters Nursing Education Practicum 8000 Miles Away and Learning without a Text Book.


Jeffrey Hoops

Jeffrey Hoops presented a paper entitled "Like the Angels in Heaven: Angels and Bodily Resurrection in Mark 12: 18-27" at the Northeast Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in April 2010. This paper received the award for the best student paper presented at the conference.


Professor Jintae Kim

Dr. Jintae Kim

Prof. Kim is part-time professor at ATS and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and Pastor of a C&MA church in Oakton, VA. His paper entitled "The Concept of Atonement in the Qumran Literature and the New Covenant," was published in the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism. Dr. Kim also presented a paper, "Responding to Ben Witherington's Paper 'The Death of Sin in the Death of Jesus: Atonement Theology in the NT'" at the 2010 annual meeting of the IBR in Atlanta, GA.


Dr. Glen Shellrude

Dr. Shellrude published: "The Freedom of God in Mercy and Judgment: A Libertarian Reading of Romans 9:6-29" in Evangelical Quarterly and "Imputation in Pauline Theology: Christ's Righteousness or a Justified Status" in Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology.


Professor Charles Joanides

Prof. Joanides co-developed a premarital education program for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The Couple Workbook is complete and in print. For more information, visit


Coach Ted Quinn

Coach Ted QuinnCoach Quinn, NC head men's basketball coach, was one of six basketball coaches throughout the U.S. appointed to serve on the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Ministry Executive Team. This team serves fellow coaches through ministry events held at the annual NABC Coaches Convention held in conjunction with the NCAA Final Four. The team is also responsible for active ministry to coaches nationwide on a weekly and monthly basis.


Coach Quinn and members of the 2010-11 Nyack College Men's Basketball Team participated in their annual Reading Day at Upper Nyack Elementary School. The full-day program consisted of the team reading with children in grades K-2 and creating art projects celebrating peace and friendship. The basketball team also spent the morning at St. Charles AME Zion Church in Sparkill, NY, serving breakfast at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration.


Mr. Paul Schwartz

Paul Schwartz has been a part-time student counselor at the Nyack College NYC campus for the past several years under the Office of Student Development. Paul is a full-time faculty member at New York City College of Technology (CUNY) in downtown Brooklyn where he serves as a crisis counselor, conducts workshops, and teaches "Academic Access," an introduction to college credited course. During his time at Nyack, he has supervised AGSC interns each year, helping to keep the counseling office open 4-5 days per week. He has served as adjunct professor at AGSC teaching his self-designed course, "Post Trauma Counseling."


A member of the American College Counselors Association (ACCA), he presented two programs for the 2010 Georgia College Counseling conference. He also contributed a chapter in Voices from the Field: Defining Moments in Counselor and Therapist Development, edited by Trotter-Mathison/Koch/Sanger/Skovholt, published by Routledge, New York.


Are you using Performance Tasks in your teaching?

A Performance Task is an activity that requires students to use critical thinking, analytic reasoning, and problem-solving skills to answer open-ended questions about a hypothetical but realistic situation. The purpose of the performance task is to provide students with an authentic opportunity to demonstrate the higher-order skills they have developed through instruction and coursework.


Share what you are doing. If you are using Performance Tasks in your class, we would love to hear about it! Your work on the assessment of student learning is important and may be of interest to your colleagues at Nyack. Let us know about your creative assessments by emailing Ben Schepens at 


The following faculty have been granted promotion, tenure, sabbatical, and summer research grants for the coming academic year:



Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr. to associate professor; Dr. Luis Carlo to full professor; Dr. Douglas LePelley to associate professor; Dr. In Hak Moon to full professor; Sunya Notley to librarian II; Mick Williams to librarian III



Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr., Dr. Jacqueline Washington



Dr. Leonard Kageler, Mrs. Susan Bucci


Summer 2011 Research Grants

Dr. David Ahn, Dr. Elio Cuccaro, Dr. Amy Davis, Dr. Jeffrey Dueck, Dr. Jonathan Gates, Dr. Dongsu Kim, Dr. James Nichols, Rev. Orlando Rivera, Dr. Martin Sanders, Dr. Glen Shelrude


Additional Congratulations...


Dr. Martin Sanders

Dr. Martin Sanders

Dr. Sanders, former professor of pastoral theology at the Rockland campus of Alliance Theological Seminary, is the new director of the Doctor of Ministry in Global Leadership. Provost Dr. David Turk says, "Dr. Sanders is internationally recognized in the area of leadership development and is an ideal fit for this position."



Mr. Kevin Kriesel 

Mr. Kriesel has transitioned from the director of graduate admissions to the D.Min. program coordinator, working alongside of Dr. Sanders and the administrative team at ATS.


Dr. Leonard Kageler 

Dr. Kageler will become associate dean for faculty development as of July 1, 2011. This is a new full-time administrative faculty position and Dr. Kageler, who has served ably as faculty development coordinator and chair of the Youth Ministries Department, is uniquely gifted to assist in improving teaching and learning at Nyack and ATS.


Commencement Congratulations to the following faculty and staff members for earning their master's degrees!

  • Jeffrey G. Cory, Vice President for Advancement - Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, graduated with honors
  • Kim Scales, Accountant - Master of Business Administration, graduated with honors
  • Kelvin Walker, Campus Pastor - Master of Professional Studies

The annual Nyack College faculty-staff luncheon was held on the Rockland campus on May 9. Each year one member of the faculty and one member of the staff receive the Commitment to Missions Award.

Dr. Kwi-Ryung Yun

The 2011 faculty honor went to professor of social work, Dr. Kwi-Ryung Yun. Dr. Yun was recognized for working with grace, humility, competence, and godliness. She exhibits excellence in scholarship; dedication to a lengthy and successful national accreditation process; and global engagement through missions trips to Russia, China, Korea, and the Philippines. Her leadership and administrative skills have kept her academic program and curriculum at the highest standards of the profession while maintaining a strong and unapologetic Christian identity. Her life, her department, and many alumni are living testimonies of social relevance and personal transformation while striving to be "competent compassionate catalysts in Christ" - the motto of the Social Work Department.  


The staff Commitment to Mission award went to Mr. Rick Santiago, director of database operations. He graduated from Nyack with a bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry and a master's degree in

Rick Santiagoorganizational leadership and has worked diligently and professionally in on-campus service and ministry. Often working behind the scenes, he demonstrates faith in Jesus and love for others through encouragement and attention to detail. He is an outstanding presenter of topics from church leadership to technology. In recent years, he has begun teaching in the School of Business and Leadership and has participated on the faculty and staff chapel worship team. Currently, he is coordinating efforts for a large campus-wide software transition. Beyond working at Nyack College, he serves as an administrative pastor in a large, diverse church and has recorded two contemporary Christian albums in Spanish.

Employees who received the Enrollment Associate of the Year were Mr. Jonathon Shaffstall (Rockland campus) and Mr. Stephen Rahamatulla (New York City campus). Online Educator of the Year Award was received by Dr. Frank Chan. The Web Engagement Award went to Mrs. Cindy Jennings. The Student Development Professional of the Year Award went to Rev. Kelvin Walker.

Service awards were presented to the following employees:


Twenty years of service

Miss Penny Foland, Dr. Martin Sanders

Fifteen years of service

Mr. Keith Davie, Mrs. Elizabeth Hanson, Dr. Andrea Hennessy, Mr. James Muckell

Ten years of service

Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr., Dr. Stephen Bailey, Mrs. Michele Blanck, Mrs. Christy Choi, Mrs. Melverne Coates, Mr. Roberto Florian, Dr. Ralph Grant, Jr., Dr. Dion Harrigan, Mrs. Susanne Hartl, Dr. Sherry Jarrett, Dr. Marie Kenote, Mrs. Jenny Lee, Dr. In Hak Moon, Dr. Steven Notley, Mrs. Adelaide Pabon, Dr. Sue Lane Talley, Mrs. Wanda Velez, Mr. Mick Williams

Five years of service

Mrs. Melanie Caraballo-Soto, Miss Christine Davis, Mr. Michael Kush, Dr. Deanna Kwan, Dr. Douglas LePelley, Miss Jennifer Nunez, Ms. Darlene Pinkerton, Mr. Scott Reitz, Mrs. Lissette Robinson, Mrs. Rosa Rodriguez, Mrs. Kimberly Scales, Mr. Michael D. Scales, Miss Rachel Taylor, Mrs. P. Suzanne Toliao, Ms. Cheryl Turman, Rev. Kelvin Walker
IAC HIGHLIGHTS by Dr. Ben Schepens

The Institutional Assessment Committee (IAC) meets with every department of the college, academic and non-academic, every year. While you might be exposed to your department's report to the IAC we seldom share highlights with each other. Here are a couple of highlights from recent meetings.


  • 63% of the faculty use the on-line library two or more times a month, but only 40% visit the library with the same frequency.
  • 75% of students visit the library two or more times a month and 61% visit the on-line library with the same frequency.
  • The School of Business and Leadership gives the MFAT to graduating seniors and the scores are highly correlated with the student's GPA.
  • 92% of graduates from the Nyack College Social Work Program are employed as social workers or in MSW programs.
  • Over 98% of students are satisfied with their experience with Student Financial Services.

Some great student survey results from Spiritual Formation on Chapel you all should see.


  • 89.6% of students answered, "Overall I am (satisfied or extremely satisfied) with my chapel experience this year."
  • 85.4% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to engage in corporate worship.
  • 83.3% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to feel closer to God.
  • 75% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to feel closer to others.
  • 83.3% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to feel forgiven.
  • 85.5% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to receive prayer.
  • 79.2% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to get through personal crises in their lives.
  • 68.8% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to minister to others.
  • 81.2% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to learn how to live out their faith in the world.
  • 70.8% of students are satisfied or extremely satisfied that chapel enabled them to learn about ways they can serve their local community.

Registration for the second phase of the 3-phase Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) longitudinal study opened for spring 2011. In fall 2009, about 220 freshmen students participated in the first phase of the CLA. The second phase was held in April 2011, and the final phase will be held for seniors in spring 2013. Students from the fall 2009 cohort, still enrolled at Nyack College, were once again invited to participate in the CLA. The invitation was sent to 107 second year students.


The CLA assesses students' critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication skills to determine their learning gains in these areas. Students also receive a score report indicating their strengths and weaknesses on these skills and compare their performance to other students at Nyack College and nationwide. Institutional reports are provided to Nyack College to gauge the university's performance in helping students develop these skills and determine the best ways to continuously improve the learning experiences of Nyack College students.

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