Chemistry Courses


For an official and updated listing of courses, please refer to the current academic catalog.

CHE 103- Essentials of Chemistry (4)

This introductory course is designed to give students planning a career in the health sciences an understanding in the fundamentals of chemistry. The topics covered include the principles of general, organic and biochemistry. The course includes lecture, laboratory and recitation components. Co-requisites: MAT110 (College Algebra) or higher level math course.

CHE 104-Essential of Chemistry Lab Workshop (1)

Laboratory experiments designed to illustrate the principles of general, organic, and biochemistry. This course is designed for transfer students who need a 1 credit chemistry lab component.

CHE 113-Inorganic Chemistry I (4)

Basic topics include measurements, matter and energy, the atomic theory, the periodic system of the elements, chemical bonds,quantitative relationships in chemical reactions, the kinetic theory, equilibria, radioactivity, and properties of water, acids, bases, and solutions. Pre-requisite: MAT110 or higher level math course.

CHE114-Inorganic Chemistry II (4)

This course introduces the basic concepts of chemistry, including equilibrium, chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and an introduction to organic chemistry. CHE 114 is the second semester of a two-semester sequence in chemistry for science majors, pre-professional students and others in science-related fields. Pre-requisite: CHE 113

CHE 213-Organic Chemistry I (4)

Basic topics include recognizing, naming, and learning representative reactions of molecules such as hydrocarbons, alcohols, phenols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, amines, and amides. Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids will also be surveyed. Pre-requisites: CHE 113 and 114.

CHE 214-Organic Chemistry II (4)

This course is the second semester of the two semester course sequence in Organic Chemistry. It is the study of carbon compounds and concentrates on aromatics, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, amines, carboxylic acids and their derivatives. Pre-requisite: CHE 213