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Job Interview
/Negotiating Know How

What is a Job Interview?

·Furthers the job search process.
·Answers remaining questions about an applicant.
·To assess an applicant’s potential/fit.

How to Prepare for an Interview.

·Know Yourself.

-Skills, abilities, interests
-Goals and objectives
-Work experience, extracurricular
-Strengths/weaknesses, aspirations, values, expectations
-Educational background
-Examples of demonstrated ability

·Know the Company.

Job description/position
Recent events

Before the Interview

·Note time, place, person
·Arrive early w/resume, references, pen, notepad, transcripts (optional), and portfolio (optional)
·Conservative and appropriate dress
·Treat everyone in office with respect
·Have a positive attitude
·Be yourself

During the Interview

·Tell me about yourself
·Follow the interviewer’s lead
·Substantiate what you are saying
·Types of interviews:

-Individual, panel, group
-Standard, stress, behavioral

·Ask questions
·Close with initiative and interest level

After the Interview

·Think about the interview, evaluate

·Follow-up letter

-thank them, reinforce interest
-re-establish contact
-add/ask for more information
-send follow-up information
-suggest further action
-find out timeline

Negotiating Know How

Negotiation: “The process whereby you and an employer come to a mutually beneficial agreement-referred to as the terms of your employment or your compensation package-about a job offer.” Anderson/Bennett

I. Why prepare to negotiate?

-Usually it catches you off guard
-Youare better able to get what you want
-Allows you to make an informed decision

II. About negotiating…

-Decide whether or not you should negotiate
-Understand your market value, what you’re worth

-Be realistic! Understand your personal and professional limitations/offerings
-Understand the organization needs
-If you take a stand, be prepared to face the results
-Negotiations are most often expected by the employer

III. When to negotiate…

-Timing is everything! Not before the joboffer, not after the job offer but when you sense a commitment from the employer
-Follow the employer’s lead, the employer should be the first to introduce the topic
-Negotiate when you sense you have something unique to offer (keep in mind how you were recruited)

IV. What to negotiate…

-salary -moving expenses -start date

-stockoptions -sign-on bonuses -geographiclocation

-companycar -vacation packages -bonuses


* Understand the organization thoroughly before negotiating some of these options.

V. Concluding negotiating factors…

-Analyze what the offer is worth.
-Figure out how much you need.
-Consider your answer before you blurt it.





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Salary Information

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