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Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement


Welcome from Dr. Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda

Director, Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement 

You are welcome to participate in our first Colloquium Session on Civic Engagement this semester. Please join Stephanie Summer from The Center for Public Justice to discover how we can cultivate rooted citizens. 

The Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement (CSGE) exists to promote and sustain a culture of scholarly inquiry and global awareness at Nyack College and in the communities that surround our campuses.

CSGE furthers our institution’s mission by creating programs and events designed to encourage meaningful dialog on different relevant local, national, and global issues. Through CSGE’s initiatives—which include film forums, discussion panels, colloquium series, book presentations, student poster conferences, and art exhibitions, as well as our annual Nyack Scholars Symposium—faculty, students, and guests are able to engage in informed discussion from different academic and cultural perspectives to gain knowledge and enrich their own critical reflection and points of view.  
To meet its strategic plan, CSGE strives to realize the following goals for our faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and our surrounding communities:

1. Promote research-based scholarship
2. Expand awareness and informed discussion about relevant local, national, and global issues
3. Cultivate a community that fosters critical reflection, constructive dialog, and intentional collaboration

Each semester our Center offers a Colloquium Series focused on a particular set of relevant issues. This Fall, our “Colloquium Series on Civic Engagement” consists of a combination of lectures, documentaries, and discussions addressing key issues affecting our society and motivating informed involvement in the political process at the local, state and national levels. 

Please join us on Wednesdays September 21st, October 12th, Oct. 26th, and Nov. 16th at 4:00 pm. All sessions will take place at the Presidents Hall in Shuman Hall, except for the second session which will be convened at the Hilltop Auditorium. 

For more information, please contact the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement at, like us on Facebook (Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement at Nyack College),   or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Fall 2017 Colloquium Series

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Dr. Balmaceda Publishes New Article

posted by joshway on Friday June 2, 2017

Vilma "Nina" Balmaceda, director of Nyack’s Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement, recently co-authored with Chip Zimmer, "Our Calling to Pursue Peace and Justice," in the Journal of Latin American Theology: Christian Reflections from the Latino South (2017 Vol. 12 No. 1.  ISSN: 1669-8649.  pp. 101-115.)

Sixth Annual Student Research Conference

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