C&MA Ministry Online Grant Program Reference Form

The Christian & Missionary Alliance ministry online grant program at ATS will provide tuition assistance to a C&MA student matriculating in a ministry online program at Alliance Theological Seminary who has been an active lay minister of a C&MA Church for a minimum of two years. Eligibility for the grant program is determined by the applicant’s commitment and involvement in a C&MA church as verified by a pastor’s reference.

To be Completed by Official in the church

Applicant First Name:
Applicant Last Name:
The above named applicant is applying for the C&MA ATS ministry online grant program and requires the completion of this reference form to determine eligibility.
How long have you known the applicant?
What is the nature of your relationship?
Is the applicant licensed with the C&MA?
If not licensed, is the applicant moving towards licensing and future credentialing for vocational ministry in the C&MA?
For lay ministers please complete: List and describe the applicant’s past and current involvements in C&MA ministries in your church including extent of participation and length of time as a lay minister.
Please provide any additional information that may assist Alliance Theological Seminary in determining the applicant's eligibility for the C&MA grant program.
Your evaluation of the applicant's eligibility for the C&MA undergraduate grant program:
Your Name:
Your Title:
Church Name:
C&MA District:
Church Address:
Phone Number: