CGPP Programs


CGPP Programs


Dr. Bennett Schepens, Assistant Provost & Dean

Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology

Dr. Carol Robles, Director

Dr. Marcia Lucas, Program Director/NYC

Mental Health Counseling: Dr. Elaine Eng, Dr. Michael Gillern, Dr. Antoinette Gines-Rivera, Dr. Deanna Kwan, Dr. Donald Skinner, Dr. Lisa Steiner 

Marriage and Family Therapy: Dr. Andrew Mercurio (Director), Dr. Ching-Ching Ruan

Doctor of Psychology: Dr. James Chin

School of Business and Leadership

Dr. Anita Underwood, Dean

Accounting and Business Administration: Dr. Gordon Boronow, Dr. Susan Hartl (Dept. Chair/Rockland), Robert Bohn, James Muckell, Dr. Jesse Stevens, Dr. Andrei Wlodarczyk (Dept. Chair/NYC) 

Sports Management: Keith Davie (Dept. Chair)

Master of Business Administration: Dr. Jerry Becker (Director)

Master of Science in Organization Leadership: Dr. Anita Underwood (Director)

School of Education 

Dr. JoAnn Looney, Dean

Adolescent Education: Dr. James Nichols (Dept. Chair/Rockland)

Childhood Education: Dr. Marie White (Dept. Chair/NYC), Dr. Dion Harrigan, Kristen Luba, Miriam Velez

Early Childhood Education: Dr. Sherry Jarrett

Master of Science in TESOL: Dr. Frank Tuzi (Director)

Master of Science in Childhood/Special Education: Dr. Christine Buel (Director)

Cheryl Phenicie School of Nursing

Dr. Elizabeth Simon, Dean

Nursing: Dr. Inseon Hwang, Dr. Maureen Kroning, Grace Matthew, Rixi Thomas