Bible Department Mission Statement

The Nyack College Biblical and Theological Studies Dept seeks to assist Nyack students in their intellectual and spiritual formation by moving them toward competency in reading, interpreting and applying the Bible and in integrating its teaching into their worldview and personal lives.

Inasmuch as it is called upon to help prepare all Nyack undergraduates for professions of service, the Department seeks to impart a familiarity with the biblical world and with biblical thought, enabling students to connect the concerns of the ancient text with the concerns of the contemporary world. It also seeks to impart the conviction that the Bible’s central message, the gospel of Jesus Christ, offers hope for positive change for the entire global community.

Inasmuch as it is called upon to train Bible and Theology majors, the Department seeks to impart skills of ministerial and scholarly expertise, equipping majors with methods of study that will sharpen their understanding of the Bible and enable them to communicate its teaching with confidence and authority.  It also seeks to impart familiarity with and respect for the Christian heritage, reminding majors of the larger community of Bible interpreters to which they belong and inspiring them to honor and build upon the work of others.