OBA Model Implementation

New Learning Outcome Based Program Assessment System Implementation
Higher Education Program Assessment Transformation

  • In the past, Program Assessment was something related to how much students were learning as measured by how many were passing with good grades and completing the programs.  Program Student Learning Goals (SLG or PSLG) were objective but general points of reference and, in some cases, even subjective intentions in the teaching/learning process related to the content.  Because of this, measures were content driven.
  • Now, however, the new model of Program Assessment in Higher Ed calls for a more systematic approach.  As such, it calls for a model that is more objective, comprehensive and quantitative.  In this model,  Program Student Learning Goals (SLG) are to be transformed into objective, specific and measurable Student Learning Outcomes (SLO), which will be measured and assessed through the course of the program by means of valid measures.  Note: To see some general SAMPLES of Student Learning Outcomes go to the section on Internet Links or to the section on Files Available to Download.