The New Assessment Model

The New Assessment Model asks from every program:
  1. Where are we taking these students?

The answer should come from the Program Student Learning Goals (SLGs), now adapted to become measurable Student Learning Outcomes (SLO).  These should be known and used by all in the program.  This means faculty and students.

  1. How do we know and prove students are getting there?

The answer should come through Program Assessments. These are the comprehensive tools specifically designed to measure if students are reaching every Program Student Learning Goal (SLG) [also known as Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)] that has been set.

  1. Every Program Assessment requires an Assessment Rubric that shows what is important, and the criteria selected to measure a quality performance in the assignment given to students. Every program assessment rubric must follow the standard of five performance levels going from Unsatisfactory to Exemplary (Unsatisfactory=1, Developing=2, Basic=3, Proficient=4, and Exemplary=5.)  The number of Criteria may change according to the complexity of the specific assessment.
  1. What do we do with this data?

We seek to improve. We report for accreditation.