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What is an Alumni Chapter?

An Alumni Chapter is a location anywhere in the world where Nyack graduates live and gather together for a variety of reasons.  An established Alumni Chapter has one or more leaders that work together to plan at least one event per year for the alumni in their area. 

What is the purpose of Alumni Chapters?

The purpose of Alumni Chapters is to connect alumni with each other and Nyack without leaving their own community.  Alumni Chapters provide a place for alumni to get to know one another, network, share Nyack memories, and promote Nyack to a new generation.  Alumni Chapters are also a means to keep alumni educated, informed, and interested in what is happening at Nyack.

How many Alumni Chapters does Nyack currently have?

Right now we have only one official Alumni Chapter in the New York City Metro Area with several more in the development stages.  The Metro Chapter's last event took place in June of 2005 at the Nyack College Manhattan Campus.  

Interested in starting an Alumni Chapter in your area?

The Nyack College Alumni Association is interested in helping you start an Alumni Chapter in your area.  If you're interested in becoming a Chapter Leader, there are several requirements.  First, take a moment to look at the Online Alumni Map.  Are there enough Nyack alumni living in your area to support a Chapter?  If there are more than 100 alumni living within a 60-mile radius of where you live, this would be a good place to start an Alumni Chapter!  Second, Chapter Leaders are required to be Alumni Board Members.  As an Alumni Board Member, you will need to attend all board meetings, held three times a year, either in-person or via teleconference.  Once your Alumni Chapter is set up, the Alumni Office will help you get the Chapter started and plan events in your area (creating and mailing invitations, taking RSVPs for your event, etc.).  Contact the alumni office at 845.675.4424 or for more information on starting an Alumni Chapter.