Bringing Life to Dry Bones


Rev. Paul Veit ’84

It was A.B. Simpson’s heart cry to reach the lost for Jesus Christ above all else.  Rev. Paul Veit shares this same passion. Ordained in The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Rev. Veit is the founder and director of Declare God’s Wonders, Inc. and the New England Creation Education Center. His gifting has led to the development of a unique ministry, “Stones & Bones, Claws & Jaws.” Using the same evidence that often supports the theory of evolution, Rev. Veit conducts evangelistic outreaches that prove the validity of Creation and man’s only hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. His study of paleontology has been a longtime passion and he is currently continuing his studies at the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum in Texas.

The majority of his outreaches focus on evangelism; however, Rev. Veit’s presentations also have a Christian education component.  In 2006, between 400 and 500 people committed the hearts to the Lord as a result of 120 presentations.

For Rev. Veit, the greatest thing is to see a soul come to Christ. He says his passion for the lost first developed as a Nyack student when he was a member of the Brooklyn Gospel Team.  He credits three people with impacting his life while at Nyack: Missions Professor Elizabeth Jackson for instilling in him a fire for lost souls; Professor Donal Nilsson, who taught him it was possible to engage a person’s intellect while presenting the saving knowledge of Christ; and Mr. Buck Tate, a college maintenance worker. Mr. Tate would regularly attend the weekly Brooklyn Gospel Team outreaches and Rev. Veit was struck by his humble yet genuine desire to see souls brought into the kingdom.

Embracing the concept of evolution has been a barrier to many people developing faith in God.  Rev. Veit states there comes a point in our present educational system when we’re all challenged in our faith—whether to believe the Word of God concerning Creation or to dismiss it as a child’s Sunday School fairy tale. Giving glory to the Lord, he says 80 percent of the people who commit their lives to Christ through his outreaches are ‘educated’ men. His “Stones & Bones, Claws & Jaws” outreaches are a weapon to combat the secular lie.

Rev. Veit has amassed an extensive collection of paleontological remains. He personally has excavated over 100 dinosaur footprints and his collection includes a six-foot-long Tylosaurus skull, a six-foot-high mammoth leg, real dinosaur eggs, and an actual Deinonychus (he’s pictured “riding” it).

The charismatic Nyack alumnus presents his findings, not as argumentative lectures to refute secular evolutionary thought, but as evangelistic reminders that God is still in control. He has been invited to present to secular colleges, a broad variety of churches from all denominations, and various children groups.

As his ministry expands, Rev. Veit’s future projects include adding staff to focus solely on initiating opportunities for both his secular university and church outreaches. Preparations are currently underway for the opening of his Creation Evidence Museum.

Written by Jonette Miller
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