The Kiev Christian Center: REALIS


The Kiev Christian Center: REALIS

Many Ukrainians live without hope for a better future for their society. Many would agree that the main reason for this is the absence of moral and spiritual foundations within the society. The worldview of most Ukrainians is a mixture of materialism and pseudo-religious superstitions.

For the last ten years. the number of evangelical believers (Protestant churches) has increased as has their ability to help improve the moral and economic climate of the country. However, while this is true, these evangelical Christians presently do not have the unity and understanding needed to make their influence as great as it could be.

In general, mass media is controlled by those who are interested only in giving a very inaccurate and negative picture of evangelical Christianity.

The Research Education and Light Center, known as REALIS, is an attempt to address these issues directly and ststematically. It seeks to provide the following:
  • Apologetic and sociological research
  • Education of evangelical leaders to prepare them to face the challenge of their contemporary society
  • Access to new Ukrainian media sources communicating the Christian worldview to Ukrainian intellectuals, as well as showing a true picture of Evangelicals to the whole society
  • Seminars and counseling
The REALIS Center has two main goals:
  1. to help evangelical Christians in Ukraine understand the main values of modern society and to thereby develop more effective ways of evangelism
  2. to help society, in search of new values, to grasp the essence of the Christian worldview and to appreciate its value using the most effective ways to communicate Christian concepts.
In other words, the REALIS Center is seeking to create a communication bridge between unchurched society and evangelical Christians. The bridge is necessary for the Ukrainian Church to be able to carry out Christ's command to be the salt and light for all people.

The REALIS Center will be an interdisciplinary research, informational and educational center devoted to developing projects in the fields of apologetics, sociology, psychology, missiology, and communications.

"I really appreciated your tolerance toward other denominations, as well as your loyalty to evangelical truth. I listen to Christian broadcasting all the time, but having heard your program I've decided to subscribe to REALIS magazine."
-Olesia Shapovalova,
v. Vypasnoye, Odessa reg.

"It was an excellent idea to create REALIS magazine! We would like to cooperate with you. I work with scientific Christian apologetics among scientists."
-Valeriy Reshetinsky, PhD in technical sciences,
pastor of the "Chrsitian Hope" Church, Kiev

"Dear publishers!
Your stated creed is worthy of respect and gives us hope that there are sensible and highly moral Ukrainians that will build a bridge between the Christian and non-Christian world in our society, We wish you and your magazine every success and to gain prestige among Christians and non-Christians. We would love to cooperate with you."
-U. Moroz, Deputy of Chief Editor,
"World's Literature" magazine