International Students at ATS


ATS is diverse in its student body and seeks to enhance the quality of community through interaction and appreciation of culture. Non-immigrant F-1 students,  permanent residents whose primary language is other thanEnglish and furloughing missionaries are all a part of our makeup. Countries represented have included Argentina Brazil, Cambodia, China, Congo, Ecuador, England, France, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Peoples Republic of China, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

ATS  is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students and welcomes qualified students from other countries who are pursuing further training and preparation for gospel ministry in their own countries. International students should write to the Office of Admissions requesting special information on the policies and procedures for admission of international students. The Office of Admissions will request preliminary information of the inquirers before determining whether formal application can begin.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of all applicants for whom English is not their primary language. The test is available from the U.S. Embassy in each country or from the Educational Testing Service, Results should be sent to school code 2560. A score of at least 550 (paper), 213 (computer) or 80 (internet version) is required for consideration of admission.

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service requires admission and full proof of financial support (including education costs, living and travel expenses) before the I-20 AB form for entrance to the United States can be filed. Students need the Form I-20 to obtain an F-1 student visa or to keep lawful F-1 status when transferring or changing schools in the U.S. Appropriate visa application forms will be sent to the student upon receipt of an acceptable affidavit of support. In some cases applicants will be required to pay one semester's tuition in advance as well as sufficient funds to pay for transportation to his/her home country. Questions regarding visas should be addressed to the Designated School Official.

International applicants must submit their applications by July 1 if intending to matriculate in the fall semester or by November 1 for spring semester. The application file should be completed (including TOEFL scores, transcripts, financial documentation, etc.) at least 60 days before the arrival date in order to allow time for the student to receive certification from the Alliance Theological Seminary of eligibility to study (Form I-20) and apply for the F-1 visa.

Transferring students already present in the United States do not need to receive our I-20 before beginning classes at the Alliance Theological Seminary. Full proof of financial support, however, is necessary in order to receive a new I-20 AB and maintain lawful status.

Employment is strictly regulated by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (see Employment section above). International students are permitted to work on campus as jobs are available, but not for more than 20 hours per week during the regular semester. Campus employment wages should be considered as supplemental income only

International students are required to maintain valid immigration status throughout their stay at the Alliance Theological Seminary in order to remain in good standing with the Seminary. Students should direct all questions related to maintenance of good status to the Designated School Official on campus.