Tutoring Services


Tutoring Services are designed to assist all Nyack College students according to their specific needs. Services provided are:

  • Individualized peer-led tutoring 
  • Peer-led group tutoring
  • Teacher Assistant led tutoring
  • Success Workshops

How Do I Acquire Tutoring Services?

  • We are located in the Bell Tower on the second floor at the Rockland Campus and 2 Washington St. Room 1907 at the Nyack Manhattan Campus.
  • To request a tutor, visit our website: tutoring.nyackic.org
  • Primary courses covered in Tutoring Sessions are College Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, World Civilization I and II, Old and New Testament, Chemistry, Biology, Intro to Psychology, Hebrew, Greek, and Accounting. Tutoring sessions for other college courses in various disciplines may also be requested
  • The Testing and Tutoring Center reserves the right to match students with Tutors for the course requested based on availability.
  • Tutoring sessions are held for one hour per week for the semester.

Need Help Improving Your Study Habits? 

Students are invited to attend Success workshops where strategies in time-management, note-taking, speed reading, as well as the art of developing optimal learning relationships with professors are provided. Please contact Shaun Patterson (Rockland) for the dates and locations of the Success Workshops.

How Can I Become A Tutor? 

To become a tutor, students must complete a tutor application. Applicants must also secure an exemplary strong recommendation from the professor of that course, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students must be interviewed by the Director of Testing and Tutoring/or The Testing Tutor Coordinator. Upon hiring, the prospective tutor must agree to tutor training. 

Tutor Application and Request

The Tutor Center strives to ensure that all undergraduate students receive the help they need. If you are an undergraduate student who demonstrates academic competency above a 3.0 GPA you can fill out the Tutor Application form below, and join the Tutor family. The Center also strongly encourages all undergraduate students to request a Tutor. If you would like to receive support from you peers, please book an appointment on our website nyack.edu/tutoring.





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Shaun Patterson, Testing and Tutoring Center Coordinator, Bell Tower Phone (845) 675-4447

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