Meet the Director of the Online AJCO MA


Dr. R. Steven Notley is the Director of the MA in AJCO at Nyack College. He lived in Jerusalem for sixteen years and received his Ph.D. in Comparative Religions from the Hebrew University, where he studied under the late Professor David Flusser. He is a recognized leader in his field and continues to publish collaboratively with Israeli scholars. Among his list of publications, he coauthored, with Flusser, The Sage from Galilee: Rediscovering Jesus' Genius (Eerdmans 2007), with Ze'ev Safrai, Eusebius, Onomasticon: A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary (Brill 2005), and, with Anson Rainey, the monumental biblical atlas The Sacred Bridge: Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World (Carta 2005). Recently he completed his second work with Safrai, a pioneering collection and annotated translation of the earliest rabbinic parables that provide the literary and religious context for the parables of Jesus, Parables of the Sages (Carta 2011).