MA in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins Online Application


MA in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins Online Application


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List ALL academic institutions you have attended since high school. You are responsible for having official transcripts sent directly from each institution to the Office of Admissions. Please Note: A preliminary admission decision may be made on the basis of the work you have completed. However, you must have a final transcript showing the conferral of your degree sent to Admissions before your initial enrollment.
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6. How Did You Hear About Nyack?

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Who/what influenced you to apply?

7. References

Please fill out the top section of each reference form and present to an individual who has known you for over one year and is not a relative.
Pastoral Reference:
Academic Reference:
Academic Reference:

8. Christian Experience Statement

Please type a Christian Experience Statement in 1-2 pages, using the two questions below as a guideline. Please include your name, address, phone number, date of birth and program you are applying for at the top of your essay. E-mail this document to or mail it to Admissions, 1 South Blvd., Nyack, NY 10960.

1. Describe your spiritual journey, aspects of your personal faith and present pattern of personal growth as a Christian.

2. Present a personal biography including a discussion of signicant events and influences which have helped develop your present values and approach to life. What is God's call upon your life? How do you see Nyack College fitting into God's call on your life? What do you visualize your ministry/profession looking like five years after graduation? Include any additional information you would like to mention if you were talking to us personally about your calling and ministry goals.

9. Essay Questions

Please type your answer in 1 - 5 complete sentences in the space provided.
1. As you consider this program, what are two things about yourself that will be helpful for its successful completion? Describe them and tell how you learned about them.
2. Describe one thing about yourself that may be an obstacle to your academic studies and how you learned about it.
3. Would you describe yourself as self-disciplined? What impact does that have on your devotional life, reading and pattern of study?
4. Other than the Bible, what is a recent book that you have read? What is one concept from that book that challenged your way of thinking?
5. In your opinion, how do you relate to others who hold decidedly different views?
6. What is the most significant role that the church plays within contemporary society?
7. What is your understanding of how Scriptures apply to contemporary life and ministry?
8. On a scale of 0 - 4 (0 being the lowest, 4 being the highest), rate your knowledge of Biblical content. What aspect/part of the Bible are you most excited about exploring in depth?
9. At Nyack, we consider the study of people and culture to be important. Describe a lesson you have learned from an experience you had of relating to someone from a background different from your own.
10. How does your community (i.e., family, church, etc.) view your decision to pursue graduate education at Nyack College?

10. Lifestyle Agreements and Statements

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Statement:

Statement of Faith and Scholarship:

Standard of Conduct:

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