Adult Intensive Track

Adult Intensive Tracks (AIT) Adult Intensive Tracks (AITs) are courses that provide the opportunity for students to focus on completing their bachelor’s degree with the Organizational Management Degree as well as take prerequisites for Nyack College | ATS. These tracks include online courses lasting only 5 or 8 weeks or tracks requiring only 5 Saturdays of your time at one of our convenient locations. Most courses are 3 credits. For an updated list of courses and course locations, click Courses & Schedule on the left. Adult Intensive Tracks are also offered to the Nyack College traditional undergraduate student at the discretion of the academic dean. Because these courses are intensive, traditional age students with a full course load may find these courses challenging.
Are the Adult Intensive Tracks designed for me?
Yes, if you are seeking:
  • Courses are designed to help you graduate as quickly as possible.
  • Timely and convenient short format courses given online or in person on Saturdays.
  • Courses that may be of general interest or courses that may fulfill other program requirements.
What does the program offer?
  • Convenience.
  • An opportunity for students to enroll in supplemental courses designed to help them meet their program requirements.
  • A selection of intense, concentrated Fall, Spring and Summer courses in a variety of fields.
  • 1 to 3-credit courses
Where are classes held?
  • Students may take online courses from home or any location provided they have appropriate computer access.
  • In person Saturday classes are offered at our Nyack, NY and Manhattan campuses.
When are classes offered?
  • Online courses are mostly offered in 8-week tracks, although a few are also offered for 5 weeks.
  • In-person Saturday classes are held from 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. in consecutive 5-week tracks.
  • All online and in-person classes may be completed prior to the May graduation.