Online MA in MHC Courses and Sequences

YEAR 1 Credits
(Fall or Spring):  
GCN522: Foundations of Mental Health Counseling 2
GCN504: Psychopathology 3
GCN603: Counseling & Human Development 3
(Spring or Summer):  
GCN502: Theories of Counseling 3
GCN503: Research Methods & Analysis 3
GCN601: Principles and Methods of Counseling 2
(Summer or Fall):  
GCN501: Perspectives on Counselor Formation 2
GCN602: Measurement and Assessment 3
GCN604: Group Dynamics & Therapy 3
YEAR 2  
(Fall or Spring):  
GCN702: Ethics and Professional Issues 3
GCN605: Marriage and Family Counseling 3
GCN615: Social & Cultural Foundations of Counseling 3
(Spring or Summer):  
GCN791: Practicum 3
GCN746: Counseling Clients with Chemical Addictions 3
GCN747: Crisis Intervention Strategies 3
(Summer or Fall):  
GCN610: Career Development 3
GCN618: Theology in Mental Health Counseling 3
Elective (e.g. Psychopharmacology) 3
YEAR 3  
(Fall or Spring):  
GCN792: Internship 3
Elective 3
(Spring or Summer):  
GCN792: Internship 3
GCN701: Psychology and Theology 3