Jeopardy Match Upperclassmen versus Underclassmen

Posted by Malika.Cox on Monday December 3, 2012


Thursday, November 29th Nyack College NYC Student Government Association hosted a Jeopardy match. The match was held between the Upperclassmen and Underclassmen in The Haven from 5-6:00p.m. with refreshments.

SGA Junior Rep. Rolando Rosales and SGA Sophomore Rep. Christian Anarfi hosted the Jeopardy event. Topics included Psychology, History, English, Math and Science, and Bible and Theology.

The Upperclassmen won the event and each member of their team received a trophy. Leonard Calhoun, Devon Hillary, and Daisy Copelin, walked away the Jeopardy Kings and Queen for this semester with the underclassmen’s preparing for a rematch in the spring. 

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