Event: Trip to Washington DC

Posted by Joshua.Way on Monday May 24, 2010

Laverne Waters:
"The trip to Washington gave me a clearer perspective of the different aspects of social work and the various avenues one have to go through to accomplish and meet the objective in the delivery of services to those in need. I particularly was impressed with how to go about advocating for entitlement programs and how vital it is to be aware of the pending bills that are before the senate, and have a clear understanding of the wording in the bill perhaps to advocate adding or deleting some of its meaning. This calls for research on the subject, and a critical analysis to argue on behalf of the individuals I will be serving. Furthermore, it helps to be affiliated with individuals of influence, and have public support to help bring these policies to fruition. As a social worker aware of the disparities in society, and how important it is to be knowledgeable and also involved, I plan to do some research of some bills on my own and write a letter starting with my senator, and won’t tolerate a generic response"
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