Event: Conference on Family Violence and Faith Communities

Posted by Joshua.Way on Monday May 24, 2010

The general purpose of the conference is to bring faith leaders and social workers together to discuss and help to understand the prevalence of family abuse .The keynote speaker is Nancy Nason-Clark, who is a Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada.  PhD from London School of Economics and Political Science.  The author of The Battered Wife (1997), and co-author of No Place For Abuse (2001), and Refuge from Abuse (2004). The conference panel presentation will focus on: "Building Partnerships Between Social Services Providers and Faith Communities Commited to Fighting Family Violence." There will also be workshop sessions by Freddy Baez, Antonia Clemente, James A. Long, Jr., Marcia Lucas, Seon-Ah Ahn, and Nkechi Green.
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