An MSW Student Shares on the Importance of Supervision

Posted by on Tuesday May 23, 2017

Recent MSW grad Vernell Lewis (pictured left) shared some thoughts with us on the importance of her relationship with her field placement supervisor (pictured right).

This last year I served as an intern for the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP), which is a part of 'Steps to End Family violence' domestic violence agency. My placement was at a high school in Manhattan. My experience with my supervisor, Vileti, was such an amazing experience. Vileti  gave me impeccable clinical guidance beyond my expectations. There are several scenarios I can share to demonstrate or describe the guidance I received. One of the several examples relates to how we discuss my therapeutic process with clients, and how we talk about the thoughts and feelings I experience when working with clients. Many times a client may say something and I will have a reaction to what the client has said: a thought or feeling, but I may move past it without exploring my experience. Vileti pushed me to explore those thoughts and feelings to understand what triggered those thoughts and to identify our own feelings. This process tremendously added to my self-awareness in my work, which is something I will forever carry with me. My experience with my supervisor was filled with transparency, professional growth, and insight. She definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone, which was great, as I experience the most growth when I am out of my comfort. I am grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to intern for the RAPP program and to learn from Vileti who had so much to share. As an MSW graduate, I'm at the beginning of my clinical career, and with the guidance received from my supervisor this past year,  I know I am off to a tremendous start. 

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