Together, Rising.


Together, Rising.

Posted by on Thursday February 23, 2017

Becky Grodzki (LMSW, class of 2016) was among the first graduating cohort of MSWs from Nyack's School of Social Work. Today Becky is a child-parent psychotherapist at Association to Benefit Children in NYC. Becky is involved in prevention work as she conducts in-home therapy and case management with families.  We caught up with Becky to see how she's doing now that grad school is behind her.

Nyack School of Social Work: Becky, tell us about the work you're doing and how your MSW prepared you for the field.

Becky: "Child Parent Psychotherapy works to address trauma and relationship building within families. The MSW degree prepared me logistically and emotionally. The program gave me the tools to get my license and understand systems and theories in ways that I'd never even imagined."

Nyack School of Social Work: What brought you to social work in the first place?

Becky: I knew that I wanted to be a person that helped.  Actively choosing social work came after I realized that everyone is broken in some way or another; everyone has gone through a hard time or has experienced something that changed their perspective, but not everyone has someone to help them through that time.

Nyack School of Social Work: And now you're a Licensed Master Social Worker!

Becky: On top of that, the MSW program at Nyack prepared me for the hard work, day in and day out, so even on the toughest days, I can go back to saying, "I know why I do this."

Nyack School of Social Work: How would you sum up what you do for someone who is new to social work?

Becky: For me, social work is summed up in Zig Ziglar's quote, "A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else someone else thought they could." Social work is not standing at the edge of a valley shouting instructions to those stuck in the depths, it's walking with people out of the valley together.

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