Nyack MSW Making an Impact in Pacific Northwest

Posted by kwi.yun on Tuesday January 31, 2017

Ryan Walters was among the first cohort of MSW graduates at Nyack's School of Social Work in May 2016. Today, he's living and working in the Pacific Northwest as a Recruitment and Marketing Specialist at Serve Seattle.  We recently caught up with Ryan to see how he's doing.

Ryan, tell us what you're doing at Serve Seattle.  I am personally responsible for creating and executing effective recruiting/marketing strategies. I am in charge of developing local and nationwide college and church partnerships. And I oversee and maintain all our social media sites, as well as our website and other networking sites.
Tell us a little bit about why you're passionate about social work.
I'm an advocate for social work because within the realm of social services are policies and acts of service that can either harm or heal people in need.  I believe that HSO's (Health Service Organizations) and policies inform how people are treated. And I believe that people matter. Thus, I am passionate about enhancing people's live through the lens of social work. 
How did the MSW program at Nyack prepare you for what you're doing now?
Although I am not currently utilizing my MSW degree in the traditional sense, I still bring a level of understanding of substance use and mental illness that directly correlates with those served through my organization. The degree has equipped me to be knowledgeable in better caring for our interns at Serve Seattle as well. Ultimately, I am hoping to begin working towards my CDP (Chemical Dependency Professional) certificate in the state of Washington so I can continue to keep my foot in the door with group therapy in recovery.


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