Alumni Update: Lebeka Shin

Posted by Juan.Toribio on Friday March 25, 2016

Lebeka Shin is a 2007 graduate of the School of Social Work, she is currently an individual and family therapist specializing anger, trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, attachment issues, and grief and loss.


I am currently working at Spofford Home, as an outpatient therapist providing trauma-informed play therapy for children and families. Sponsored Homes is an agency that works with mostly lower-income disenfranchised families in Kansas City. I am hoping to connect with an international adoption agency here in Kansas City and also provide post-adoption therapy services.

I love that social work is interdisciplinary in nature. We not only look at a client from an individual perspective, but critically think about the environmental factors that affect the individual. As I work with clients on an individual level, I am constantly thinking about the environmental factors and the role it plays in the client’s life.

The highlights of Nyack College's BSW program include the small class sizes, the accessibility of the professors and the fact that students and faculty alike are actively involved in bringing about social change even outside of the classroom setting. The small class sizes allowed me to develop close friendships with my fellow students, whom I still keep in touch with today.

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