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Posted by Bud.DiFluri on Friday December 2, 2011

From: Susanna Bicknell;  An Internship Journal Blog

 Day 1: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 (10am-4pm)
    Headed down to Scotch Plains this morning, and surprisingly… not
a bad drive at all! It took me about 45minutes and I gave myself an hour
and a half to get there.  Needless to say… I was early.  I decided since
I had been up early I would take a refresher nap for 20minutes before
heading in 10 minutes early (It’s always good to be a few minutes early,
especially on the first day!)  Unfortunately, it was a busy day at the
fitness center and I did not get to meet with the sales manager until
almost 11am.  We discussed some of the policies and the “sales pitch”
the fitness center uses.  I then proceeded to watch an hour long sexual
harassment video… BORING! Then I headed out with two of the sales
consultants to put lead boxes out in local businesses around the area.
The fitness center offers a “cross-marketing” deal with the business
owners, in return lead boxes are placed in their offices or customer
service departments to entice customers to give their contact
information.  This way the sales people can get new “leads” and
potentially make a sale (buying a membership to the gym).  After we
returned, I got to meet with the general manager and we discussed a few
more policies and set up my schedule.  She gave me a menial task (true
intern work!) and when 4pm hit, I was out of there!

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