"From Sea to Shining Sea"


"From Sea to Shining Sea"

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Thursday November 5, 2015


As a student at Nyack College you have seen and experienced our metropolitan and adjacent geographic areas—that’s very  good!

But – – – as you begin to discover and think about the huge world out there (much of which you possibly have not yet seen or experienced), you might want to consider some new geographic areas which could  bring you exciting, novel, and learning  internship experiences.

Our Nyack College internship program not only provides you with many tri-state area opportunities for internships, but we are now pleased to provide you with “leads” and opportunities throughout  our country-- “North to South, East to West” (for example: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, California-----and even England!!).

Maybe the opportunity to experience some of those “far-flung” areas is not within the current possibility of your travel, educational or potential business experience – – – but to be aware of them is the first step in broadening your career horizons, providing  possibilities for your growth as  a human being!

Additionally, traveling to new areas can provide you with opportunities to “tell your story” to the uninitiated!

So – – consider it as a part of your future -– The possibilities are endless!!

Bud DiFluri

Intern Coordinator, Business Department, Nyack College, Nyack New York,10960

Office: 40 Price Dr., Watchung, NJ 07069-6163; Telephone – 908 –753-5261;

Email: nyackintern@AOL.com; :   Skype: Nyack intern

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