"Promising 1-2-3"

Posted by Bud.DiFluri on Tuesday September 16, 2014

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                   In my Nyack sales classes, students are told that to succeed they must always:

                                                     1. “Underpromise---then Overdeliver”!!... and…

                                            2.   Don't "overpromise –then under deliver"!!...and…

                                            3. "If you make a promise..…. keep it!"


In your role as an intern,  it'll be important that you  properly represent  your company as you each abide by the principle of "under promising…then over delivering" in your daily contacts with fellow students, faculty, clients, business people, cooperating partners, etc.

Often times, you may be the primary " face" of your company —the only company’s face or voice  ”they” will see or hear!

 If, as a positive example you tell a contact that “we will be in touch with you (e.g) "next Friday… or earlier if possible" and you make the contact earlier than "next Friday", you  have "underpromised and overdelivered!"

If on the other hand, as a negative example, you fall prey to the all – too – simple ease of confirming a contact date or time to someone (e.g.-"next Friday or earlier if possible "), then not following through or contacting them as promised--- that's "overpromising – – and underdelivering", which will reflect upon your veracity as well as the veracity of your company. The client or contact might easily  determine that you---and your company--- don't keep promises!

Simply put – successful people "underpromise – then overdeliver"!

 And---successful people keep their promises!

Bud DiFluri

Intern Coordinator ---Business Department---Nyack College

E: NyackIntern@aol.com;  Tel: 908-753-5261

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