"Bud's Bits" - Interviews and the Social Network


"Bud's Bits" - Interviews and the Social Network

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Friday September 20, 2013

"Bud's Bits"


Social Network Hints-Suggestions

Keep a good and positive Professional profile on any of your “sites”, because----.

You’re no longer Anonymous!I


An important way for you to make a fine Interview impression is to be certain that your Social 

Networking contacts  are in A-1 shape—and clear of any potentially embarrassing , immature 

comments or attitudes.  They could be the determinant as to whether  --- OR NOT----you’re 


Potential employers can easily view your comments on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Their 

company’s Human Research Department is often assigned the duty of discretely “checking you 


Keep your I-phone out of sight  during your Interview visit! You may think that continually 

looking at your I-phone is “cool--today’s way”  (but how important is it that your friends need 

to know that you’re about to “bag” the Interview in 15 minutes??). Very often, conservative

employers see the continued “I-Phone peeking” candidate as being self-centered, self-absorbed 

and indicative of a lack of social skills. They often refer to the I-Phone centered and absorbed 

college generation as the “it’s all about me-me-me” kids!

Should you be asked about your expertise in the Social Network or computer field, then by all 

means let them be aware of your knowledge,---but DON’T try to overwhelm them with your 

supposed massive knowledge--unless you’re Interviewing at a strong Information Technology 


And—don’t be a “Windbag”—keep your answers to fewer than 148 characters!

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