"Bud's Bits" - Cover Letters & Resumes


"Bud's Bits" - Cover Letters & Resumes

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Tuesday April 9, 2013

"Bud's Bits"

As a part of our Intern Program’s successful “Ten Steps to Success”, we encourage you to develop strong Cover Letters and Resume’s.

During the past year, I’ve been privileged to talk at length with a number of employers and interviewers, getting their extensive and valuable thoughts concerning Interviews, Cover Letters and Resume’s.

Here now are a number of their invaluable suggestions. These are important ---you should “RAC” (Read, Absorb and Copy ) them!

I suggest that you include these thoughts in all your future Interviews, Cover Letters and Resume’s!!


1. PREPARE! BE ORGANIZED! Review several of our Interview, Cover Letter, and Resume’ Articles/ Publications which provide organizational structure for each area. For additional assistance, you might for example, Google “Sales Focused Resume’s”, or obtain a Book on Internships, “All Work, No Pay”.

2. Typos—by ALL means,  be certain of correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure (if you’re uncertain, ASK!). I’ve been told MORE THAN ONCE------“If the applicant doesn’t care enough about correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure in his/her cover letter or Resume’ I’m going to immediately assume that he/she will be just as inattentive in his/her work here!”

3. Unfortunately, too many Cover Letters and Resume’s contain a “WIIFM” (“What’s In It For Me”) attitude, whereas it SHOULD contain a “WCIDFY’ (“What Can I Do for You”) attitude! When you apply or interview, it’s VERY important that you let them know that you WANT to do what you can to help THEM succeed in THEIR Business! In his Inauguration speech, President John F. Kennedy said—“Ask NOT what your Country can do for you, but what YOU can do FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!)

4. Don’t be Passive! Be Enthusiastic! Your Interviewers and Readers will note the difference!

5. “Tell Them A Story”!! Too many Cover Letters and Resume’s tell “them” NOTHING of value to “THEM”! Your Cover Letter and Resume’ should “tell a story” of WHO, WHAT, and WHY you are, HOW you got WHERE you are, etc. In short, let them know about YOU!

6. To create an immediate and positive Public Relations experience: ----“Eliminate the Expected” in your communications. In Business situations, you’re EXPECTED to be adept in such areas as “Excel”, “Word, “Microsoft”, etc. At this stage, indicating that you’re “familiar” with such things tells them that in effect, you’ve read and understand your 9th grade literature!

7. LET THEM KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS!! What’s your “Superpower”? Leadership? Organizational Qualities? Tending to Details? They want to feel that they’re dealing with a self-confident Candidate, NOT one needing to be “led around”

8. Give brief examples of those Strengths! If they’re interested for details, they’ll ask!

9. ONE PAGE! Students looking for their first or second Internship or Job should limit Cover Letters and Resume’s to one page each unless absolutely necessary! The Reader will quickly “Scan” it--then, if warranted, go on to the Resume’. A “solid” Cover Letter will inspire the Interviewer to read your Resume’.  A “Bland “and “Blah” cover letter will be tossed, causing the follow-up Resume to be ignored.

10. Since you may be considered “In” or “Out” within your first Interview minute, be sure to practice your entrance and opening discussion with your Interviewer! Utilize Audio and Video cameras in your preparation.

11. Above all----PREPARE and PRACTICE!!


As always, please feel free to contact me for assistance!


I wish all the best for you!!



Bud DiFluri

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