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Posted by Giselle.Torres on Friday February 1, 2013

If the idea of walking into a conference room, first Interview, or a new restaurant sends your insides on a roller-coaster ride, it’s time to bring your confidence up to code. Here are four tips on how to send the signal that you’re self-assured and in command.
1. Stand Tall:
Mom was right — stop slouching! An Ohio State University study showed a link between body posture and confidence. Research found that posture affects not only what others think of you, but also your own level of confidence in your thoughts and ideas. Simply being aware of and changing your posture can have an impact on your confidence at that all-important first Interview.
Not only does posture play a big part in how you look and feel, it can also help you to stay stronger and flexible. To stand tall, imagine someone pulling a string up through your body, from your feet up through your head. When sitting, see if you can pull your chest up, with your shoulders down and relaxed, and your head lined up right over them. Excellent posture can lead to excellent results!
2. Walk This Way:
Your stride is a major confidence clue. When you walk into your Interview with energy and motivation, it telegraphs to the world that you are self-assured, in charge, and full of life. A slow, dragging shuffle sends the opposite message. And pull those shoulders back. Droopiness is just another red flag telling others that you’d rather be anywhere else but right there. A sluggish shuffle doesn’t just say that you’re vulnerable, it shouts it out loud.
3. Use Your Eyes:
How you present yourself in that first Interview meeting can go a long way toward telegraphing your confidence. And, it’s the little things that often make the biggest impression. For example, make eye contact when interacting with people. Avoiding eye contact suggests anxiety, depression, embarrassment, shyness, or just vague discomfort. Add a strong, firm handshake to that eye contact,  and you’re putting your confidence front and center. A warm, genuine smile is another welcome sign of confidence. It helps put you and the room at ease
4. Wear Your Confidence:
Since first impressions are largely visual, it really matters what you choose to wear. Dress the part. The first step is to know what works for you and — almost as important — what doesn’t.  Package your appearance to your best advantage. Think of the very important advice: “Dress for the position you want, not the position you have”!
Bud DiFluri
Intern Coordinator
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