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Posted by Giselle.Torres on Wednesday January 30, 2013


"Bud's Bits"
We at Nyack College are always very proud of the quality of our students as they move through the interview process, eventually “landing” that Internship.
We also know that a well-prepared student has a great opportunity to succeed, to “get the Internship”---If he/she is well prepared!
From time-to-time I’ll be offering some personal thoughts entitled “Bud’s Bits”  in order that you might be well prepared and avoid the various interview “potholes”
1. Be aware!! At the precise time that you walk through the entrance door to meet your Interviewer, you are being judged. He/she will be mentally making continuing decisions as to why he/she WILL NOT recommend  you for the position.
That being the case, in order for you to NOT be one of those immediately eliminated, here are some areas for you to work on before attending your interview
2. Chances are, you will be just one of a large number of people interested in the position, so it’s quite logical that the interviewer will be making immediate decisions which will result in quickly eliminating candidates.
3. Or several days prior to your upcoming interview, prepare by reviewing all the articles  which you’ve received and discussions in which you’ve been involved (remember my continuing directive to “RAC”?)
4. As soon as your door to the Interview room opens, be aware that you’re being judged! Be prepared with well-appointed clothes, a heartfelt smile, a brisk walk to the Interviewer’s desk, a hearty ‘Hello, I’m Jon/Amy Smith”, and a strong handshake. Any negative marks  will provide your Interviewer with the start of his/her reasoning to NOT recommend you for the position!
5. Social Networking.  This fairly new method of rapid communication has become fraught with “potholes”. For example:
(a) Checking Messages: DO NOT “check your messages” on your I-Pad, I-Phone, Blackberry, etc. during your interview!
(b) Your E-Mail Address: Avoid “cute” or “inside stuff” address names--“timmytackytoey@yahoo.com” may be cute, but will provide negative "vibes' to your interviewer BEFORE he/she has ever seen you!
(c) Your “Twitters” and “Tweets”: They may be “cute” to you and your friends, but to others they may be offensive, deal with rumors, or offer false, hateful/   degrading comments for which at some point you may need to apologize.
(d) Your “Text n’ Tweet Trail”: Be very careful----Very possibly, the Interviewer and his/her company will probably subscribe to investigative services which would examine your e-mail address’s past history and activity before you arrive.
(e) And FINALLY-- Many years ago, when I was a teenager, my Mother warned; “Be careful what you say, because once your words go past your lips, you'll never be able to take them back!! In today’s world of the Social Network, the same admonition is true!!
I do hope that this issue of “Bud’s Bits” provides you with insight, knowledge and direction to help you in your Internship search!
I’d appreciate your thoughts.
Bud DiFluri
Intern Coordinator
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