"Bud's Bits" - Interview Hints


"Bud's Bits" - Interview Hints

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Monday November 26, 2012

"Bud's Bits"

By: Bud DiFluri

1. Learn of the company’s office protocol, guidelines one week before the interview

2. Be sure to research the company with whom you’ll be interviewing

3. On a few days before the Interview, review all the Interview information you’ve accumulated

4. Practice your Interview techniques with family and friends

5. Don’t get there under or over-dressed. Check out the company’s dress protocol beforehand

6. Prepare a few “opening” conversational comments as opening conversation

7. Don’t get there late—be “ready to go” 15 minutes before the appointed time

8. Bring along a few copies of your Resume’ to provide

9. Don’t “bad-mouth” current or past colleagues

10. Smile---naturally!

11. Practice a firm handshake

12. Prepare a couple of “general” comments which will show you as in command, yet relaxed

13. Prepare appropriate questions which will give them the “feel” that you’re “the one” for the job/Internship

14. Before leaving, thank them for the Interview opportunity, offer a firm handshake, and ask if you can contact them in one-two weeks to learn of their decision

15. To remind them of who you are, present them with your Business card       

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