Faculty Internship Blog: Dr. Gerard Becker

Posted by Giselle.Torres on Wednesday October 24, 2012

I am pleased and proud with our intern  program in the School of Business and Leadership at Nyack College! As the MBA  Director, this program affords our students (and alumni) with an opportunity  to explore their learning in real world scenarios and situations. It is  gratifying to see our students apply these skills and reap the benefits of  their education here at Nyack College. The leader of this intern program has a  demonstrated professional and academic background that has yielded a vast  array of opportunities for our students to explore, while ensuring that the  students themselves take charge in the application process (one of the key  aspects of becoming an impactful business professional). It remains my hope  and desire that many of our students take advantage of this opportunity, as  well as continue to demonstrate to the business world their expertise and  learning from Nyack College.

Dr. Gerard F. "Jerry" Becker
MBA  Director
School of Business and  Leadership

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