Preparing for Finals

Posted by Dinesh.Mahtani on Wednesday April 28, 2010

It's finals week here on campus, and Warrior Nation is in "study mode"....

But how do you prepare for finals?  Whether you are still in high school or a college sophomore, study tips transcend time and space.  If you put in the work, you should expect good or great grades!!

Here are some tips that I have gathered from different websites as well as my own experience:

1. Set time to study - time management is the key to success - both in school and in life.  Setting aside time to study prepares you mentally to absorb the information.  Doing it "on the fly" reduces the likelihood that you will retain the valuable information.

2. Get lots of rest - Do you remember the during the Olympics, Apollo Ohno, the USA Speed Skater, was always "yawning" before a race.  He wasn't really tired, but what he was doing was prepping his body for success!  You should do the same!  Getting rest before an exam gets your body and brain prepped to "ace your test".  (Yawning before an exam means you didn't rest!!)

3. Prepare - get your notes and study materials together.  Find a clean workspace to study.  Try to avoid studying in a cluttered room or environment.  If your room is messy and you want to study there, then take a few minutes and tidy it up.  Next you want to write a study outline.  Write out the things you need to focus on.  Some professors tell you what to study, while others give outlines or syllabi.  Whatever it is, use them.

4. Get help - Don't be afraid to ask fellow students, professors, or friends to help you with a particular topic.  If you don't understand something, it's okay!  Find out who knows the answer, buy them a cup of coffee, and ask them for help (plus you will win major points with the person and also major points on your exam...;-)...)

5. Pray - Don't overlook the Power of Prayer.  I can't stress it enough.  Ask God for wisdom.  Ask Him for a great memory.  Ask Him to guide you.  You still need to study, but if you "sow" in study time, you should expect to "reap" good grades!

These tips are just a sampling.  Check online for other tips.  Find out who is the number #1 student in your class and ask them what they do.  There are many ways to study.  Find your style and stick with it.  I look forward to hearing how well each of you do. 

Thanks and Be Blessed!


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