Heading online for cheap books...

Posted by andres.valenzuela on Tuesday September 25, 2007

"Ohio college students continue to turn to the Internet to buy used, discounted textbooks, sometimes saving hundreds of dollars they otherwise would have spent on new books - a trend that also reflects the buying habits of students elsewhere in the country," reports the Associated Press. "About 23 percent of U.S. students bought textbooks on-line in 2005, up from 16 percent in 2003, according to The National Association of College Stores. About one-third of those who bought purchased books on line in 2005, the most recent year in which figures were available, bought the books from their college bookstores and paid bookstore prices. But Web sites such as Amazon.com and Half.com are drawing more students with prices as much as half off of bookstore tags."

You can read the complete September 23, 2007 Associated Press article on-line.

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