10 Tips to Make it through the year...

Posted by andres.valenzuela on Monday August 27, 2007

"You've figured out a way to pay for college tuition. Now the real test begins," according to The Arizona Republic. "You still need to deal with all the expenses that crop up during the college year. Textbooks, food, transportation and going out can add up quickly. Parents need to decide what they will, and won't, pay for and make this clear. We asked three experts to give their best tips to make it through the year with minimal financial stress. Lynda Elley is a financial adviser with Copperwynd Financial in Scottsdale. Justin Baer is a 2004 college graduate who has produced a DVD called Cracking College: The Seven Secrets of Savvy Students. Jack Edwards is director of student financial aid at Northern Arizona University. Here's what they had to say."

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