Talk savings...

Posted by andres.valenzuela on Monday August 27, 2007

"If you're the parent of a college-aged kid, the back-to-school season offers one of the best chances you'll ever get for a crucial, teachable money moment," reports The Wall Street Journal. "Whether you're packing students off to college with a four-figure financial-aid package, or writing a $45,000 check out of your current income, it's time to sit down and explain how you ended up here, and what your child can learn from it. For many families, a lack of savings may cause regret - and silence. Forget it. You did the best you could. Explain the reality to your child without apology - but do explain it. If you don't have a lockbox at the local bank like the Bosses, translate your 529 college-savings account statement. Make sure they run their iTunes purchases through Upromise, so they get a kickback for college with each download. Then, show them your credit-card bills as they're heading off with one of yours tucked away for emergencies. Lay out how much a few kegs of beer will ultimately cost them at 18% annually - and that the family bailout policy doesn't cover alcohol crises."

Read the full Wall Street Journal article.
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