How grads can climb out of the hole...

Posted by andres.valenzuela on Monday June 4, 2007

"Lenders are bombarding graduates with offers to consolidate their student loans. And for those considering consolidation, you might want to make that decision before July," according to The Washington Post. "The bulk of the book [Zero Debt for College Grads] focuses on the world of student loans, both private and federally backed borrowed money. Not surprisingly, many graduates don't know the terms of their loans, much less who the lenders are. 'The lesson I learned was that even if you consolidate and have an easy, low, fixed monthly payment, don't just forget about your student loans like I did,' [the author] says. 'If you later start to make more money and can afford to pay more toward the school debt, I think you should do so.'"

You can read the full Washington Poss article here.
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