Uncle Sam pays your loans...

Posted by andres.valenzuela on Wednesday May 9, 2007

"If you, a friend or relative has a staggering student loan, here is a tip: Get a government job. Helping new hires and old hands repay a portion of their student loans is one of little-known but increasingly used tools Uncle Sam is using for recruiting and retention," according to The Washington Times. "In fiscal 2006, at least 34 federal agencies gave about $36 million to 5,755 workers to help them pay off college debts. Who gets loan-repayment help and how much they receive is up to each agency. There are legal caps on how much help Uncle Sam can give, but every little bit helps. The Office of Personnel Management said the average loan-repayment benefit last year was a little more than $6,200."

You can read the complete Washington Times article online here.
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