SFS Website Updated!

Posted by andres.valenzuela on Tuesday March 6, 2007

The website for Student Financial Services has gone through a successful upgrade. Amongst the common pages you find on our website you will also find some new and updated features such as:

1. Stories of currently enrolled students and how they are affording Nyack.
2. Tips on filing your FAFSA
3. The importance of getting an X-Press Pass to enroll in the fall
4. New and updated Grants and Scholarships for NEW students.

You will also find direct links to filing your FAFSA and if you have filed your FAFSA already and you are a NY state resident, you can complete your TAP application online as well.

Overall your experience on our website will be informative, practical and helpful.  You can contact any one of our Financial Aid Counselors by going to our contact us page and sending us an e-mail directly from this website. Best of all you can do this anytime without ever having to remember e-mail addresses.

We hope that you are, above all, encouraged to come to Nyack knowing that it is affordable and we are here to help you navigate through this process!
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