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Nyack Globetrotters: Winterim 2012

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Saturday December 24, 2011

Nyack College faculty and students will be traveling between December 30, 2011 and January 16, 2012 on global service-learning trips. Please keep them in prayer—for safe round trip travel, good health, and transformational experiences.

Mexico: Outreach to Mexico  The Business Department and Business Club travels to Cancun to gain exposure to both Mexican and expatriate entrepreneurs and businessmen, serve with local ministries and businesses, and gain experience in a business department venture supporting and developing the services of a Christian bookstore. Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Jim Muckell

Italy: Fine Arts in the City of Venice  Fine Arts in the City of Venice is an intensive course offering students the opportunity to visit art museums, galleries, churches, and some music halls of Venice and "the Veneto", or the surrounding areas. Faculty Coordinators: Drs. Dana and Sue Talley

Israel: Geographic & Historical Settings of the Bible  This course is a study of the physical, historical and cultural features of the land of the Bible with an emphasis on how those elements influenced and affected settlement, communication, biblical and extra biblical history. It also comprises a focus on historical geography, which is an integration of geography, history, archaeology and toponomy. Preparatory assigned readings and map studies will maximize the student’s learning experience during their travel in Israel. Relevant archaeological, historical, and biblical information will be presented in our field study to integrate the student’s learning experience.  Faculty Coordinator: Dr. R. Steven Notley

Philippines: Social Work in Context  Students will be engaged in social and community development internationally. This service-learning intensive course confronts the realities of contextual community transformation and provides students with opportunities to study, observe, compare and integrate perspectives and approaches to community and social development.  Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Kwi Yun, Dr. David Jennings, Dr. Stephen Maret

Cambodia: Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia   Students will study the causes and issues of human trafficking, sex trafficking and child exploitation in Southeast Asia. They will serve in mini-intern roles within International and local NGO’s addressing trafficking issues. Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Scott Reitz

India: Adult Health Alterations  In Bangalore, India, the Silicone Valley of the subcontinent Nyack's School of Nursing students will get  hands-on experience in a cross-cultural context. They will learn to care for adults experiencing acute and chronic health alterations in one of the finest hospitals in Asia. Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Elizabeth Simon

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