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Nyack Campus Community Celebrates Faculty and Staff

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Tuesday May 17, 2011

The annual Nyack College faculty-staff luncheon was held recently on the Rockland campus. According to Executive Vice President David Jennings, “The College understands the importance of acknowledging individuals who have excelled in representing its mission and core values during the academic year. Through the Commitment to Mission Award program, the College hopes to encourage the development and awareness of these values. Recommendations and evaluations for awards are based on evidence of outstanding efforts and achievements in relation to the institutional core values.”  
Each year one member of the faculty and one member of the staff receive the Commitment to Missions Award. The 2011 faculty honor went to professor of social work, Dr. Kwi-Ryung Yun, pictured above with Dr. David Turk (l) and President Michael G. Scales (r). Dr. Yun was recognized for working with grace, humility, competence, and godliness. She exhibits excellence in scholarship; dedication to a lengthy and successful national accreditation process; and global engagement through missions trips to Russia, China, Korea, and the Philippines. Her leadership and administrative skills have kept her academic program and curriculum at the highest standards of the profession while maintaining a strong and unapologetic Christian identity.  Her life, her department, and many alumni are living testimonies of social relevance and personal transformation while striving to be “competent compassionate catalysts in Christ” - the motto of the Social Work Department.   

The staff Commitment to Mission award went to Mr. Rick Santiago, director of database operations. He graduated from Nyack with a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry and a master’s degree in organizational leadership and has worked diligently and professionally in on-campus service and ministry. Often working behind the scenes, he demonstrates faith in Jesus and love for others through encouragement and attention to detail. He is an outstanding presenter of topics from church leadership to technology. In recent years, he has begun teaching in the School of Business and Leadership and has participated on the faculty and staff chapel worship team. Currently, he is coordinating efforts for a large campus-wide software transition. Beyond working at Nyack College, he serves as an administrative pastor in a large, diverse church and has recorded two contemporary Christian albums in Spanish.

Employees who received the Enrollment Associate of the Year were Mr. Jonathon Shaffstall (Rockland campus) and Mr. Stephen Rahamatulla (New York City campus). Online Educator of the Year was Dr. Frank Chan. The Web Engagement Award went to Mrs. Cindy Jennings. The Student Development Professional of the Year Award went to Rev. Kelvin Walker.

Service awards were presented to the following employees.

Twenty years of service
Miss Penny Foland
Dr. Martin Sanders

Fifteen years of service
Mr. Keith Davie
Mrs. Elizabeth Hanson
Dr. Andrea Hennessy
Mr. James Muckell

Ten years of service
Dr. Fernando Arzola, Jr.
Dr. Stephen Bailey
Mrs. Michele Blanck
Mrs. Christy Choi
Mrs. Melverne Coates
Mr. Roberto Florian
Dr. Ralph Grant, Jr.
Dr. Dion Harrigan
Mrs. Susanne Hartl
Dr. Sherry Jarrett
Dr. Marie Kenote
Mrs. Jenny Lee
Dr. In Hak Moon
Dr. Steven Notley
Mrs. Adelaide Pabon
Dr. Sue Lane Talley
Mrs. Wanda Velez
Mr. Mick Williams

Five years of service
Mrs. Melanie Caraballo-Soto
Miss Christine Davis
Mr. Michael Kush
Dr. Deanna Kwan
Dr. Douglas LePelley
Miss Jennifer Nunez
Ms. Darlene Pinkerton
Mr. Scott Reitz
Mrs. Lissette Robinson
Mrs. Rosa Rodriguez
Mrs. Kimberly Scales
Mr. Michael D. Scales
Miss Rachel Taylor
Mrs. P. Suzanne Toliao
Ms. Cheryl Turman
Rev. Kelvin Walker

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