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Who Do You Appreciate? It's Student Leader Week April 11-15!

Posted by Deborah.Walker on Monday April 4, 2011

The Office of Student Development staff is setting aside April 11-15 as a week to celebrate our amazing student leaders. Each day a different group will be recognized. Look for banners that will be displayed in the cafeteria and throughout Boon Center. Flyers and gifts will be delivered to each group to thank them for the dedication they have shown in serving the campus community.

Nyack faculty and staff, here's your part: Starting Wednesday, April 6, take a moment and stop by the Student Development Office in Boon Center to write out a card or send a word of encouragement. You may also choose to send the leaders an email, write on their Facebook wall, or even honor them when you see them in class.

Who are we honoring?

Monday: Student Government Association

Tuesday: Worship Leaders & Small Group

Wednesday: Resident Assistants

Thursday: Student Activities

Friday: Student Athletes

Suggestions on how to make this week even more of a success are welcome. Reach the Office of Student Development at ext. 4790.

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